I was thinking about trying out importC with a library I have used in the past (it's been a few years since I used it with D). The library uses cmake to generate static or dynamic libraries (I believe I did static with Windows and dynamic with Linux, but I can't really recall).

My understanding of cmake is that it is used to generate the files needed to build something in a cross-platform kind of way (so make files for linux, project files for Visual studio, etc.). This doesn't seem consistent with how importC works (which would be using a D compiler to compile the project). I suppose I could just try it and see if it works, but since the project uses cmake I wonder if there aren't potentially things that cmake is doing that are important and could get missed in this naive sort of approach (for instance, it has a way to use algorithms written in C++ by default, though they can be disabled in the cmake file).

Does anyone have any importC experience with libraries that are built with a tool like cmake that could help make this clearer?

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