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Sorry for Zombie-thread. Just saw the news that wayland was ported to Haiku and was curious if somebody using D in it (https://discuss.haiku-os.org/t/my-progress-in-wayland-compatibility-layer/12373).

I have recently looked through Haiku OS and got surprised to find there dmd 2.072. There was only running file but Phobos and DrinTime were missing.

Are there any plans to port dmd to Haiku OS nowadays?
Is there a manual (example) on dmd porting on Haiku OS?

I'm not sure, because there are many more important and more valuable things to do for main core developers. Haiku has very low market share and users. But AFAIK Haiku is using GCC and has C++. So maybe (actually I don't know) it is possible to bootstrap GDC from some older versions.

Also some related links below, which could be helpful, just in case someone will find this thread and decided to try.
Haiku and DMD related links:

Story about porting to OpenBSD:

Good luck and have fun :)
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