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Shouldn't it be mentioned then in the docs that this works for statically sized arrays and that in that case it copies contents?

Well, I confess that I don't know why you would ever have thought that

s = t;

wouldn't work. The only mutable types that can't be assigned to like this are the ones that have disabled assignment or copying (which would only be certain structs).

And I thought that the spec made it clear that static arrays were value types, in which case the behavior of

s = t;

should be obvious. So, I would have thought that it would be clear enough as-is, but clearly, it wasn't for you. So, I don't know. We do want the spec to be clear, but it would also be bad to add a bunch of redundant information in an attempt to be clearer. I'd have to go digging through the spec though to give any concrete suggestions on how to improve this though.

- Jonathan M Davis

Hi Jonathan!

Probably this entry in https://dlang.org/spec/arrays.html#usage confused me a bit.

int[3] s;
s = ...;   // error, since s is a compiled in static
           // reference to an array.

Thanks for your help!

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