On Thursday, 15 September 2016 at 22:03:12 UTC, Patric Dexheimer wrote:
LLVM D compiler (1a7070): based on DMD v2.071.2-b2 and LLVM 3.9.0git-fbbabf3

command: dub run --build=release --arch=x86_64 --compiler=D:/ldc/bin/ldc2.exe


Performing "release" build using D:/ldc/bin/ldc2.exe for x86_64.
derelict-util 2.0.6: building configuration "library"...
Error: failed to create path to file: .dub\obj\..\..\AppData\Roaming\dub\packages\derelict-util-2.0.6\derelict-util\.dub\build\library-release-windows-x86_64-ldc_0-E1A9179AF0D6E609F102DF89BE3F74F1\DerelictUtil.lib
no such file or directory
D:/ldc/bin/ldc2.exe failed with exit code 1.

changing to DMD compiler works properly.

Try with --combined

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