On Monday, 19 September 2016 at 10:10:18 UTC, Seb wrote:

I don't speak Spanish, but I do like your idea of bringing D to more people :)
Two ideas:

1) You could help to translate the DLang Tour to Spanish:


2) StackOverflow has an excellent PageRank and thus many communities are moving there discussions over as it helps to increase their visibility and searchability. I don't know how good the spanish StackOverflow is, but it might be easier than maintaining a forum yourself?

Thanks Seb. I'll look at the DLang Tour.

On the other hand, i think a forum will be better, not only to help, but also to keep D programmers closer and expectant for news. Although, you are right, StackOverflow would be better to increase searchability and easier than maintaining a forum. I'll keep that in mind before taking a decision. Thanks!

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