On Tuesday, 20 September 2016 at 04:17:21 UTC, crimaniak wrote:
Hi and thanks all!

On Tuesday, 20 September 2016 at 00:43:10 UTC, Jonathan M Davis wrote:

immutable string executablePath;

shared static this()
    import std.file : thisExePath();
    executablePath = thisExePath();

This code is good for my needs but I start to think about how to call thisExePath only if it is really used and come to this solution:

import std.traits: ReturnType, Parameters;

string staticMemoize(alias T, Parms = Parameters!T)() pure
    struct Holder(alias T)
        static shared immutable ReturnType!T value;
        shared static this(){ value = T(Parms); }

    return Holder!T.value;

    import std.file : thisExePath;
    assert(staticMemoize!thisExePath == thisExePath);

Something like this. Need to refine about input parameters, but I hope, idea is clear. Unlike the function memoize from phobos staticMemoize really pure. And unlike proposed solution with ordinary variable staticMemoize is lazy, because no call - no instantiation.

Have a look at `std.concurrency.initOnce`:

But you will still need to use assumePure() for calling `thisExePath`, and it might do other things that are impure...

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