On Wednesday, 6 April 2016 at 12:56:39 UTC, Suliman wrote:
I have next task.
There is PostgreSQL DB. With field like: id, mydata.

mydata - is binary blob. It can be 10MB or even more.

I need load all data from PostgreSQL to SQLLite.

I decided ti create struct that and fill it with data. And then do INSERT operation in sqllite.

But I do not know is it's good way, and if it's ok what data type should I use for blob (binary data).

        struct MyData
                string  id;
                string  mydata; // what datatype I should use here??

        MyData [] mydata;

        MyData md;

        while (rs.next())

         md.id = to!string(rs.getString(1));
         md.mydata = to!string(rs.getString(2)); //??

         mydata ~= md;


stmtLite.executeUpdate(`insert into MySyncData(id,mydata) values(md.id,md.data)`); //ddbc driver
is it's normal way to insert data?

Use ubyte[] or byte[] for blob, and setUbytes/getUbytes (setBytes/getBytes) to set/get value There was issue in `bytea` type support in PostgreSQL driver. Now it's fixed.

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