1. I get this error when trying to run a project in VS. dub doesn't give the error.

First-chance exception: core.exception.AssertError free() called with null array. at vibe-d-0.7.26\source\vibe\utils\memory.d(110)

It constantly pops up then I get an access violation and crash.

2. Many vibe.d HTTP Server options seem not to be implemented. Is this still the case? e.g., http://vibed.org/api/vibe.http.server/HTTPServerSettings.maxRequestTime

3. How to serve static files properly?

void images(HTTPServerRequest req, HTTPServerResponse res)
        writeln("images Request");
        write("Path = "); writeln(req.fullURL);
        // Somehow reship request out


router.get("/images/*", &images);

I would like to be able to serve them but also log or redirect if possible. The messages are written. I tried to also serve directly and it didn't work, which is why I used a handler in the first place.

        router.get("/images/*", serveStaticFiles("images/"));

I imagine the path is not correct. I am on windows and created an images sub dir in the projects(same depth as views, etc) but the images were not served. I didn't want to hard code this path, maybe it should be?

4. How to setup load balancing and virtual hosts? I know one can use a front end to do this but I saw a vibedist project that seems to be dead. Obviously one can make multiple HTTPServers, but this might get a bit messy.

What I want to eventually do is server multiple secure virtual domains with http's being redirected to https. I'd like to probably use one vibe.d instance unless there is good reason not to. The sites, at this point, won't have many req/sec. Maybe eventually I'll need to separate in to multiple processes.

5. Many other frameworks seem to support "hot swapping" of files while the sever is running rather than having to recompile. Recompiling the diet templates/project is slow and requires restarting the server and all that. Is there any way to get vibe.d to automatically monitor the projects folder or templates for changes and then somehow recompile and update/etc?


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