On 9/21/16 8:49 AM, Nordlöw wrote:
Is there any way to make a default constructor of a struct container
allocate/initialize an internal pointer?

I need this in a container with RC behaviour similar to

struct Container
    this()    // this is currently forbidden:
        _rcStore = emplace(cast(RCStore*)malloc(RCStore.size), null, 0);

    static struct RCStore
        T* store;
        size_t refCount;
    RCStore* _rcStore;

If I can't modify default construction in containers such as `Container`
it is gonna behave in the same confusing way as empty AA's do for
(novel) D developers. Namely that the assignment of uninitialized AA's
has copy semantics and non-empty AA's have reference semantics.

I believe Andralex has spoken about this being a problem that should be
fixed if possible.

Sadly, not currently. I realize this makes certain designs more difficult. -- Andrei

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