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ndslice (i.e. Slice(size_t N, Range) ) is a generalization of D's built-in slices (i.e. T[]) to N dimensions. Just like them, it doesn't handle memory ownership - it just provides a view over existing data. Usually, there are two use cases:
1) Wrapping an existing array:
1.1) You allocate an array however you want (GC, RC, plain malloc) or just use a slice to an array returned from a third-party library
   1.2) Wrap it via sliced [1]
   1.3) Use it
   1.4) Free it:
   1.4.a) Let the GC reclaim it
   1.4.b) Let the RC reclaim it
   1.4.c) Free it manually.


Thank you ZombineDev, good answer!

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