On Thursday, 22 September 2016 at 16:09:49 UTC, Sandu wrote:
It is often being claimed that D is at least as fast as C++.
Now, I am fairly new to D. But, here is an example where I want to see how can this be made possible.

So far my C++ code compiles in ~850 ms.
While my D code runs in about 2.1 seconds.


Just a small tip that applies to both D and C++ in that code. You can use a static array rather than a dynamically allocated array in the loop (enum n = 252; then double[n+1] call; in D). You can also use "double[n+1] call = void;" to mimic C++'s behavior of uninitialized memory.

Use GDC or LDC when doing performance related work as they generate faster code typically. I'd be surprised if the C++ and D code asm wasn't nearly identical for a big chunk of this code when using GCC/GDC or Clang/LDC.

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