Am Mon, 26 Sep 2016 23:40:10 +0000
schrieb Vincent <>:

> 1. Easy to use. No more stupid "UNIX sockets", "TCP types" and so 
> on. Just simple as this:
> // Client side
> auto sock = new ClientSocket("", 80);
> sock.WriteLine("GET / HTTP/1.0");
> sock.WriteLine("Host:");
> sock.WriteLine();// empty line sent

Haha, this is not how I learned network layers at school.
You seem to want on the ...

Network Layer (3): A connection based socket using the Internet

Transport Layer (4): A stateful connection using TCP

Application Layer (6): HTTP

Just that you don't ask for HTTP directly, but shoehorn a
packet based socket into sending microscopic strings. In this
case I recommend cURL, which you can feed with all the header
data at once and sends your complete request in one packet.
That'll also handle most of the HTTP specialties.

Not all data transmissions via IP are TCP either. A good bunch
is sent via stateless UDP. That would not be considered a
stream though. I'm just getting at the name "ClientSocket"
here, which can entail more than TCP/IP streams.


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