On Saturday, 15 October 2016 at 01:46:52 UTC, Chris Nelson wrote:
I'm mainly a scripting language, .NET, and SQL programmer. I've been looking for a good programming language for Linux/BSD other than Python. I've surveyed the options and D appears to be a sane modern choice for me. (Thanks Ali Çehreli and others!)

The only hitch is that many of the projects and libraries I'm interested in using or maybe porting are mainly C based. (My overall C-fu is weak...) Should I review a good C book or tutorial before jumping in to fully learning D? Or should I just eschew any C exposure until I master D?

(As a side note, many of the C libraries I'm interested in seem to be confusing messes of header files and "organic" code. But who am I to judge?)

I came from a python/java background when I started to learn D. I had a programming class many-many years ago in C, and I only knew it well enough to do small programs. I started learning D almost 2 years ago, and then started in on C++ after that.

I think D is by far the easiest compiled language to "learn". You can get into to it pretty easy (easier than C++) and write something useful pretty quick. Then there's always more to learn.

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