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Is there a large speed difference in compilation time depending on whether the DMD used is built using DMD or LDC?

I would be shocked if there weren't.
i did that out of curiosity some time ago, but with gdc, and then tested my projects, and phobos rebuilding. speed difference was so small that it can be a usual random deviation.

This topic came up at the start of the year, and Iain pointed out that the compiler code overrides the default memory management, which increases performance enormously. But, that malloc override was _only enabled when built with DMD_.

This was fixed for LDC here: https://github.com/dlang/dmd/pull/5631/files It resulted in a massive speed gain when the front-end is built with LDC.

I no longer have the numbers, but DMD built with LDC is definitely faster. About 10% according to the old thread. Same for LDC built with LDC. (self promotion: when you compile the same code over and over, you gain another ~7% when using PGO: https://johanengelen.github.io/ldc/2016/04/13/PGO-in-LDC-virtual-calls.html)


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