On Sunday, 11 December 2016 at 02:09:41 UTC, Orut wrote:
D nub here. I have a Python script that I'd like to implement in D. For certain parts, the D equivalent was slower than Python's. For example,

Python code:

#dummy code
s = ["abc", "fjkd", "L", "qwa", "r", "uw", "tiro", "bc", "sg", "k", "jds", "yd"];

for i in range(10000000): # a lot of array to string conversions '-'.join(s) # not assigning this to a variable to simplify comparison

D code:

import std.stdio;
import std.array;

void main(string[] args){
string[] s = ["abc", "fjkd", "L", "qwa", "r", "uw", "tiro", "bc", "sg", "k", "jds", "yd"]; for(int i; i<10_000_000; i++) s.join("-"); //see Python comments


Python was 2x faster.

How should I implement this in D?

Preallocate a static array for your result.

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