On 04-08-17 05:06, Andres Clari wrote:
I've made a linux program with GtkD, and so far, it's been pretty awesome, however I'm thinking about porting it to Windows also, but the Adwaita theme is too fugly, and cringy, so I'd want to use a compatible theme, which is supposed to be doable.

What would be the way to go to make a GtkD app use a custom GTK theme in Windows? I tried this in the past, but never succeeded following documentation found online.

I didn't try it myself but it should be something like this:

-Download a theme from gnome-look.org
-Extract the theme to: C:\\Program Files\Gtk-Runtime\share\themes
-Edit C:\\Program Files\Gtk-Runtime\etc\gtk-3.0\settings.ini and add:

gtk-theme-name = Name_of_Theme

Mike Wey

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