On Monday, 22 January 2018 at 15:18:38 UTC, Johann wrote:
Maybe it's due to historical reasons.

It's actually "future" reasons... the /phobos is the original one, and /library was supposed to replace it, but now many years later, /library is still kinda neglected and they both just exist.

This is a reason why I forked the d docs to my site dpldocs.info. Check out its search:


But yeah, the link in the original source is hardcoded for the /phobos path... but is also a relative link. So when generated on /library, it is just a 404. On my fork, I just fixed it, but /library tries to build from the master branch so they can't really just fix things without making sure it still works in both generators. what a mess.

Or if both directories are intented to be used, I'll file a bug instead.

yeah that is prolly best

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