On Friday, 2 February 2018 at 07:23:54 UTC, Joel wrote:
When I try 'dub test' I get errors like 'Source file '/Users/joelchristensen/jpro/dpro2/JMiscLib/source/jmisc/base.d' not found in any import path.'

Here's the dub.json file I'm using:

        "name": "timelog",
    "targetType": "executable",
        "description": "A Joel D program. A D Diary program.",
"copyright": "Copyright © 2018, joelcnz - note: I don't understand this",
        "authors": ["Joel Ezra Christensen"],
    "DFLAGS": ["g"],
    "sourcePaths" : ["source",
    "dependencies": {
        "dlangui": "~>0.9.56"

Add before e.g. "dependencies"
     "importPaths" : ["../JTaskLib/source",

Import module base from file ... source/jmisc/base.d by: import jmisc.base; and recommended read: https://code.dlang.org/package-format?lang=json

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