On Monday, 12 February 2018 at 06:52:25 UTC, Vino wrote:
Hi All,

Request your help, the below code works find on normal File system, bu if the file system is a NFS file system the below code, is not working

if Step = dryrun( Display Only) : Works for both NFS and normal file system. if Step = run (Delete folder) : Does not work on NFS file system but works on normal file system.
No error message.

auto coAgedDirClean (string FFs, string Step, int AgeSize) {
auto cAges = AgeSize
auto dFiles = Array!(Tuple!(string, SysTime))(dirEntries(FFs, SpanMode.shallow).filter!(a => a.isDir && !globMatch(a.baseName, "*DND*") && a.timeCreated < cAges).map!(a => tuple(a.name, a.timeCreated))); if (Step == "run") { dFiles.each!(f => f[0].rmdirRecurse); } return dFiles;


Hi All,

Was able to resolve this issue.

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