import vibe.vibe;
import vibe.db.postgresql;

QueryParams p;
p.sqlCommand = "select title,url,url_title,messagebody,generationtime from items order by generationtime;";
auto _items = conn.execParams(p);

struct Range
     immutable Answer a;
      size_t i;
      immutable(Row) front() { return a[i]; }
      @property void popFront() { i++; }
      bool empty() { return i == a.length; }
auto items = Range(_items,0);
res.render!("items.dt", items); // usual vibe.d function

- import;
- import dpq2.conv.time;
- import dpq2.conv.to_d_types;
- foreach(i; items)
        title= i["title"].as!string
        link= i["url"].as!string
        description= i["messagebody"].as!string
pubDate= DateTimeToRfc822String(i["generationTime"].as!DateTime)

I get the following _two_ lots of the following error (between the ----):
Compiling Diet HTML template rss.dt...
dpq2-1.0.0-alpha.7/dpq2/src/dpq2/conv/to_bson.d(143,23): Error: none of the overloads of '__ctor' are callable using argument types (UUID), candidates are: vibe-d-0.7.32/vibe-d/source/vibe/data/bson.d(148,2): type, immutable(ubyte)[] data) vibe-d-0.7.32/vibe-d/source/vibe/data/bson.d(185,2): value) vibe-d-0.7.32/vibe-d/source/vibe/data/bson.d(187,2): value, Type type = cast(Type)cast(ubyte)2u) vibe-d-0.7.32/vibe-d/source/vibe/data/bson.d(194,2):[string]) value) vibe-d-0.7.32/vibe-d/source/vibe/data/bson.d(196,2):[]) value) dpq2-1.0.0-alpha.7/dpq2/src/dpq2/conv/to_bson.d(143,23): ... (10 more, -v to show) ...
const(ubyte[]) Is not tested in integration tests!
UUID Is not tested in integration tests!
TTimeStamp!false Is not tested in integration tests!
Json Is not tested in integration tests!

Is this a problem with the library or me? Can I work around it? How?


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