On Thursday, 15 February 2018 at 06:43:52 UTC, Arun Chandrasekaran wrote:
I was reading through https://wiki.dlang.org/Access_specifiers_and_visibility#What_is_missing


DMD v2.077.1 exhibits the same behavior. Is this is already being worked on? Or is there any plan to address this? Can this be fixed? If so how? If not, why not?

AFAICT it's a feature as the article correctly explains this doesn't work well with serialization:

Compile-time reflection, i.e. serialization libraries or @attribute scanners. Limiting access for __traits may forbid certain currently working idioms.

Use Voldemort types if you want to truly encapsulate something.


Also, why is the default visibility of global variables at module level public Shouldn't they be private by default to provide better encapsulation guarantee (and linkage guarantee if the above is addressed in future)? From readability point of view as well, for instance, if I want to know all the functions "exposed" by the current module, I can simply grep for public.

It's a sensible default for most libraries and problems.
Simply use `private:` if you think otherwise.

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