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Try to build libuid examples get the following error.
dub build, build successfully on the root folder. I will appreciate any help. Just try to build a gui app using dlang.

OPTLINK (R) for Win32  Release 8.00.17

Those "Undefined Symbol" errors all mean you aren't linking with the libui library. Looking at the dub.json for libuid, it obviously *is* configured to link with libui to build the examples:


However, if you read the project README, you'll see this:

libuid is a binding of libui. So you have to build libui first.

Did you do so? libuid provides the proper version of the libui source via a git submodule.

If you did build it, you probably used Visual Studio. In which case, you also see this in the README:

You can use --arch to specify architecture of you platform. Note in windows, use --arch=x86_mscoff to create 32bit binary.

By default, DMD uses the OPTLINK linker, which expects object files in the OMF format and is incompatible with binaries produced by Visual Studio (which uses the COFF format). Passing --arch=x86_mscoff on your dub command line will cause DMD to use the MS linker instead of OPTLINK.
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