On Saturday, 10 March 2018 at 20:48:06 UTC, Nordlöw wrote:
If I have a function

    bool f(Rs...)(Rs rs)

is it somehow possible to map and forward all its arguments `rs` to another function

    bool g(Rs...)(Rs rs);

through a call to some map-and-forward-like-function `forwardMap` in something like

    bool f(Rs...)(Rs rs)
        alias someArbitraryFun = _ => _;
        return g(forwardMap!(someArbitraryFun)(rs));


What should the definition of forwardMap look like?

Does Phobos contain something like this already?

Not sure whether I understand what you are looking for, but std.functional is your friend here I think pipe/compose is the function you are searching for.


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