On 3/9/18 2:33 PM, WhatMeWorry wrote:
On Friday, 9 March 2018 at 10:42:47 UTC, Kagamin wrote:
To make a struct noncopyable, add @disable this(this); to it, then compiler will give an error on an attempt to copy it.

I tried the @disable this(this); but now it doesn't even compile?

Use pointers for passing:

void producer(in shared(EventBuffer) *eB, shared(Lock) lock)


spawn(&producer, &eventBuffer, lock);

The disable postblit is to prevent you from doing what you did -- passing a value type expecting it gets passed by reference. In order to avoid the error you must use a reference.

Is std.concurrency a work in progress or I'm I just obtuse here?

It's not a work in progress, though there are always chances there are bugs there. We fixed one not too long ago in which it didn't work with certain types.

I've been reading Ali's book on the concurrency chapters as inspiration, but the examples there use simple data types like ints or bools.

TBH, the best things to pass as messages are value types or immutables. But obviously, if you need to share something, you need to use shared.


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