On Tuesday, 13 March 2018 at 19:05:00 UTC, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
On Tuesday, March 13, 2018 18:55:35 Marc via Digitalmars-d-learn wrote:
I want to basically make this work:

I managed to do this:
> [...]


Note the ref in the fucntion return, I also want to return a

reference to the class so that this Works:
> [...]

Could someone point out how do that/what's wrong with my attempy?

+ is overloaded with opBinary, and += is overloaded using opOpAssign:

https://dlang.org/spec/operatoroverloading.html#op-assign http://ddili.org/ders/d.en/operator_overloading.html

- Jonathan M Davis

Soon as I posted I found out opOpAssign.
I've had got close than I thought:

        List opOpAssign(string op)(int rhs) if(op == "+")
                items ~= rhs;
                return this;


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