I know that there are contributing guides but I fail to successfully follow any of them:


1. Bash install script will not run under Windows. Using git bash will result in error (Command error: undefined switch '-C')
2. Digger it's not compiling
3. Tried to make my own powershell script to mimic the setup.sh behavior. I'm stuck at compilation part (below)


1. After several retries, I managed to compile DMD with make -fwin32.mak. In fact I'm not sure which is the intended makefile (the one in \dmd or the one in \dmd\src?)
2. make -fwin64.mak fails:

make -fwin32.mak C=dmd\backend TK=dmd\tk ROOT=dmd\root MAKE="make" HOST_DC="dmd" MODEL=64 CC="vcbuild\msvc-dmc" LIB="vcbuild\msvc-lib" OBJ_MSVC="..\generated\windows\release\64/strtold.obj ..\generated\windows\release\64\longdouble.obj ..\generated\windows\release\64\ldfpu.obj" "OPT=" "DEBUG=-D -g -DUNITTEST" "DDEBUG=-debug -g -unittest" "DOPT=" "LFLAGS=-L/ma/co/la" ..\generated\windows\release\64\dmd.exe vcbuild\msvc-dmc -c -o..\generated\windows\release\64\newdelete.obj -Idmd\root -D -g -DUNITTEST -cpp -DTARGET_WINDOS=1 -DDM_TARGET_CPU_X86=1 dmd\root\newdelete.c "\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\bin\amd64\cl.exe" /nologo /Ivcbuild /Idmd\root /FIwarnings.h /c /Fo..\generated\windows\release\64\newdelete.obj /Idmd\root /DDEBUG /Zi -DUNITTEST /TP ^"-DTARGET_WINDOS=1^" ^"-DDM_TARGET_CPU_X86=1^" dmd\root\newdelete.c

std.process.ProcessException@std\process.d(753): Failed to spawn new process (The system cannot find the file specified.)
0x758A8654 in BaseThreadInitThunk
0x77B84A77 in RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath
0x77B84A47 in RtlGetAppContainerNamedObjectPath

--- errorlevel 1

--- errorlevel 1

--- errorlevel 1


1. Downloaded GNU Make. How do I install it? What binaries are needed? 2. Installed Linux Subsystem (Debian). What next? Why do I need this? 3. All the make commands failed to execute. I suppose because make.exe is expected to be part of the GNU package. Failed to find such file in the GNU Make distribution.

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