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There is another problem:

3rd: You are a brainwashed monkey who can't think for himself.

Gee..takes some real brains to come up with that one.

See, You learned a little about C++/C#/Java and think the world must conform to what they say is correct and deny everything that contradicts it rather than first seeing if you are on the wrong side of the contradiction.

The fact is, there is no reason a module should be restricted to see it's own classes private members.

Yeah that sounds fine. As long as you're willing to give up the concept of class encapsulation.

And, as long as you are willing to have programmers use the same syntax in D, as used in the 3 most widely used lanaguages on the planet, but get very different semantics. It's a real gotcha for those programmers.

It's sorta like a family who runs around pretending that they can't see each others private parts. Sure, it sounds like a good thing... until someone accidentally drops the towel and the offended calls the cop on their brother and has him arrested for breaking the law.

I'm not interested in your fanatasies. Keep them to yourself.

You should learn that your view of the world is very minute and stop trying to fit the world in to your box. It's called growing up. If you can't make a distinction between C++ encapsulation and D encapsulation you have far bigger problems than you think.

I think the view of the 3 most widely used langauges on the planet, is not something to dismiss so easily. D has what, 1000 programmers, maybe.. so I wonder whose world is really minute.

In any case, I'm not attacking D. I use it. I am just questioning whether the different semantics for private, in D, is really worth it.

You are a moron. That is the simple issue. That is why you get confused easily and why you have trouble. I am stating this not as a ad hominem but as the truth.

You lack the reasoning ability to realize that the world is vastly different than what goes on in your pea sized brain(that is a personal attack, unless one is using pea as a metaphor for your lack of experience in the real world to teach you that things don't always follow linear lines).

1. EVEN IF THE TOP 1 MILLION PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES ALL USED THE EXACT SAME SYNTAX, SAME COMPILER, SAME FORUMS, SAME WHATEVER, it means NOTHING! Truth isn't dictated by numbers. You surely are a believer in Christianity or Islam? This type of "logic" is what they typically use.

a. You'd see that all those 1M PL's are identical, so, in fact, there is just 1. In fact, one could say inflate all programming languages by saying there are N copies. e.g., D actually has 1 Billion versions all identical. Don't believe me, just make 1 Billion copies on your 4TB HD(ok, it will take about 10PB, so what). If you want, write a self-modifying compiler that modifies the source a bit to change random non-breaking changes. That way you actually have 1 Billion different copies... just so you can be pedantic.

b. God didn't write "Classes must be self-encapsulated" in the 10 commandments... hence it is false to assume they must. After all, if God wanted it, it would be so.

2. Being a lemming makes this very hard for you to grasp... but ask yourself why Haskell is different, after all, it didn't conform to C/C++... so it must be wrong too.

3. Why aren't people running around living in caves? After all, the first humans started doing that! In fact, why don't all humans live in the sea? After all, the real first humans did that.

Your logic is that the first dictates what the last should be... and the only reason is because your pathetic brain can't grasp the fact that there is no law that requires that. It's no different than saying that the son of a blacksmith must be a blacksmith, but again, your inability to abstract will find this very hard to understand. Let me put it different, Is a son of a bitch a bitch? Oh, does that make more sense? No? Oh well, I tried...

The fact is, you are clueless on some level if you really think you are right. The fact that you would waste your time and everyone around you arguing some useless point that means nothing is pointless... which goes to show that you are not that intelligent. The goal, here, is to try to fix whatever bug is in your brain that prevents you from becoming more intelligent. Only time will tell if it works...

I'm sorry for wasting your time. I'm sure you have better things to do like go argue why Hans Solo should have wore a blue vest instead of a black one because it's the colors of his heraldry and Lucas was wrong for putting him in black. Or maybe today it you were going to argue that Harry Potters wand should be made out of Ceder because all wizards use Ceder. Or maybe it is something else?

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