On Saturday, 7 April 2018 at 20:33:13 UTC, Arun Chandrasekaran wrote:
Much better with mir.math.common, still a bit slower than C (even with larger loops):

As this appears to be benchmarking mostly the std.math.exp(float) performance - some/many basic algos in std.math, incl. exp(), are currently using the x87 FPU for all 3 floating-point types, although there are treacherous float/double overloads, sacrificing performance in many cases. See https://github.com/dlang/phobos/pull/6272#issuecomment-373967109 (and the later numbers for current Intel and GCC compilers) for a performance comparison of some std.math algos incl. exp(). For LDC, the double/float versions of the few worked-on algos in that PR were sped-up by an overall factor of 3 [but only by 1.46 for exp(float)].

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