I'm trying to update the language spec. I have the standard dmd installed on my Mac in `~/dlang/dmd` using the install script from the website "curl -fsS https://dlang.org/install.sh | bash -s dmd". Okay, good, done.

Now, according to: dlang.org/CONTRIBUTING.md:
"git clone https://github.com/dlang/dlang.org
cd dlang.org"

Okay, done. Now:
"make -f posix.mak html"

This first errored out with "No package file found in /Users/zach/dlang/dmd/, expected one of dub.json/dub.sdl/package.json
make: *** [.generated/ddoc_preprocessor] Error 2"

I didn't know why the dub.sdl wasn't already installed, so I manually copied it from github. But now the error for "make -f posix.mak html" is:

".generated/stable_dmd-2.078.2/dmd2/osx/bin/dub build --compiler=.generated/stable_dmd-2.078.2/dmd2/osx/bin/dmd --root=ddoc && \
                mv ddoc/ddoc_preprocessor .generated/ddoc_preprocessor
Invalid source/import path: /Users/zach/dlang/dmd/src/dmd
Invalid source/import path: /Users/zach/dlang/dmd/generated/dub"

So I'm here wondering wuzzup? The basic instructions in CONTRIBUTING.md aren't working. Anyone?

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