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I had a chance to try this out and it worked without a problem. I did have to download color.d in addition to the other dependencies you listed. In the event that Google brings someone here, this is a complete working program:

import std.file, std.stdio, std.string;
import arsd.email;

void main(string[] args) {
  string[] f = std.file.readText(args[1]).splitLines();
  auto em = new IncomingEmailMessage(f);
  writeln("From: ", em.from);
  writeln("To: ", em.to);
  writeln("Subject: ", em.subject);

Compile with

dmd *.d -ofreademail

And run

./reademail 'email message.eml'

Very cool, I was looking for something similar, thank you both for sharing!

My goal is to store mails in a mysql table with fulltext index, connected to a existing old crm solution via the email address as a foreign key.

My question in the moment is, how do I invoke Thunderbird to display a certain single mail (or maildir) file? How do I use Thunderbird as the client, to show, to answer or to forward these mails. An alternative would be to use a browser based mailer? Handling all attachments is an other purpose.

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