On 4/14/18 4:16 AM, bauss wrote:

I tried to use __traits(compiles) but it always returns false for the code I'm going to mixin, even though it's valid, that was my initial go to, so this is really a second attempt on something to give meaningful error messages when certain mixins don't compile.

Hm.. that seems annoying. I'd guess you'd get simple tests to work, maybe it's the way you are using __traits(compiles).

If all else fails, back out to the place where you are using it. At some point, it is a function call. Just wrap that call, and check if it compiles or not.


static assert(__traits(compiles, theFunction(theItem), "this code won't compile: " ~ theItem.source);

// if we get here, it will compile

D can be quite perplexing when you have so much meta in it :)


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