I'm attempting to use the lubeck package, as described here https://forum.dlang.org/post/axacgiisczwvygyef...@forum.dlang.org

I have lubeck, mir-algorithm, mir-blas, mir-lapack downloaded and accessible by the compiler, and I have installed liblapack-dev and libblas-dev.

When I attempt to run the example for geqrs, https://github.com/libmir/mir-lapack/blob/master/examples/geqrs/source/app.d , I get the following error

    undefined reference to 'dgeqrs_'

Note that the issue comes from the line
    geqrs(A_, B_, tau_, work_);

but the previous line works
    geqrf(A_, tau_, work_);

After following the calls between the different packages and files, I find that the issue is likely the fact that

all exist in the liblapack-dev library and are hence callable, but

do not exist, and hence are not callable.

Is this an issue with mir-lapack? The fact that it is calling files/ functions that do not exist? Or is my version of liblapack-dev the incorrect one, as it doesn't contain the files/ functions being called?

Note that if I don't call the function geqrs(..); my code works, so I believe that I have set-up the mir- files correctly.

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