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On Friday, 4 May 2018 at 15:16:23 UTC, wjoe wrote:

Hi Wjoe,

Thank you very much, but what i am expecting is something like OS switch, based of OS type switch the funciton eg:

If OS is windows use the funciton timeCreated else if the OS is linux use the function timeLastAccessed in the below example program, something similar as stated in the link


version (Win32)
    alias myfoo = win32.foo;
version (linux)
    alias myfoo = linux.bar;

auto clogClean (string LogDir ) {
Array!(Tuple!(string, SysTime)) dFiles;

version (Windows) { alias sTimeStamp = std.file.DirEntry.timeCreated;} else version (linux) { alias sTimeStamp = std.file.DirEntry.timeLastAccessed; }

dFiles.insert(dirEntries(LogDir, SpanMode.shallow).filter!(a => a.isFile).map!(a => tuple(a.name, a.sTimeStamp)));
 return dFiles;


I think that's not possible. You can't query information that hasn't been stored.

Your best bet in a Change-Function-Name-Port would probably be to use access time and mount the file system with options that won't touch that anymore after creation. But me thinks such a solution would be rather unreliable and not worth the time investment.

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