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On Thursday, 3 May 2018 at 10:27:47 UTC, Pasqui23 wrote:
Last commit on https://github.com/buggins/hibernated
was almost a year ago

So what is the status of HibernateD?Should I use it if I need an ORM? Or would I risk unpatched security risks?

Both hibernated and ddbc have had open pull requests for months. It's really frustrating.

Oh hey :-) I applied your patches for ddbc and hibernated a to my copy while back, because they weren't merged and fix real issues. There are also other patches floating around, for example people will really want https://github.com/KrzaQ/hibernated/commit/efa38c50effdd77e973b174feea89016b8d1fa1f applied when using hibernated.

If there is enough interest, we can maybe provide at least some basic level of maintenance for these projects together, maybe under the dlang-community umbrella or similar. Per adoption guidelines[1], I think the projects are popular enough, but Hibernated is of course not the only D ORM (although a pretty complete one), and the continued maintenance is also not sure, even when PRs finally get reviewed and accepted faster (but that really depends on the library users).

In any case, we need to get in contact with buggins. I asked him ages ago about Hibernated on Gitter, but that was probably the worst way to contact him (as he is active on Github, but probably never read that message).

[1]: https://github.com/dlang-community/discussions


If someone is ready to maintain these projects, I can grant privileges for github repositories ddbc, hibernated.

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