On 6/12/18 10:35 AM, SrMordred wrote:
this idiom for creating static array used to work, but they are failing now.
What changed and whats the alternative?

(from https://p0nce.github.io/d-idioms/#@nogc-Array-Literals:-Breaking-the-Limits)

T[n] s(T, size_t n)(auto ref T[n] array) pure nothrow @nogc @safe
     return array;

void main() @nogc
    int[] myDynamicArray = [1, 2, 3].s; // Slice that static array which is on stack

Deprecation: slice of static array temporary returned by s([1, 2, 3]) assigned to longer lived variable myDynamicArray

auto myStaticArray = [1,2,3].s;

Now use it anywhere you need dynamic arrays as myStaticArray[]. A lot of times, it will work without having to slice it.

What you are being told is that your memory is not being kept around. Essentially what you had originally was a memory corruption bug (yes, even before the deprecation happened). Don't do that anymore!

Note to ponce, please update your idioms, this is NOT safe, even within the same function. Just because it does work, doesn't mean it will always work. The language makes no guarantees once the lifetime is over.


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