On Wednesday, 11 July 2018 at 16:43:24 UTC, Seb wrote:
I don't know of an easy way to do out of the box.
However, with dmd's new -i option, it could be as easy as:

dub fetch requests
cat > test.d << EOF
import std.stdio;
import requests;

void main() {
auto content = postContent("http://httpbin.org/post";, queryParams("name", "any name", "age", 42));
dub fetch requests
dmd -I~/.dub/packages/requests-0.8.2/requests/source -i -run tests.d

However, dmd itself doesn't do any caching (though it would work similarly with rdmd).
But, of course, this won't work for more complex dub packages.
There's `dub describe` (and a backend generator) for which they might be used.

So this is kind of similar to what dub does already?
Would be nice if dub could cache such compiled scripts somewhere. I mean dub already caches inside .dub folder in a dub project. Why not also cache compiled scripts somewhere?

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