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On Tuesday, 21 August 2018 at 10:48:30 UTC, bauss wrote:

Currently (When I get time again) working on implementing PostgreSQL and Sqlite support for Diamond.

Mysql and Mssql should work out the box.


Some examples will come later, unless you use the latest stable version of Diamond then you have examples for MySql, but the implementation changes with the next release.


I wouldn't call it light-weight like you explain, because it does have the whole framework, but you could technically just strip out the part of compile it with the appropriate flags to exclude the parts you don't need like the webserver.

Else take a look at https://github.com/buggins/hibernated and perhaps https://github.com/buggins/ddbc is enough.

yeah, Diamond is great, but I think it will be more wonderful if it's database ORM can be separated to a standalone project, that's would be useful for the application that's is not WEB oriented but need an ORM.

Diamond works without web though. You can disable all web features and simply just import the modules for the orm etc.

The ORM was used to be standalone, but became a huge dependency, so was just integrated into it.

I would suggest

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