On Sunday, 13 March 2016 at 19:28:57 UTC, karabuta wrote:
Gtk3 from python3 has got I nice book with examples that are not so advanced but enough to get you doing real work(from a beginner point of view). GtkD seem to have changed the API structure compared to python3 Gtk3 and the demo examples just "show-off" IMO :). The documentation is really^ not good :)

Any help on where I can get better leaning materials(GtkD)? Repo, blogs post, etc please

I will avoid using GTK for large projects. If can be used for simple things and you can automate a lot of acts(and use glade for UI design)... but it has some problems that will bite you in the long run.

I'd just jump in to it, it's not too hard but hard to find the correct information. It will be a time investment of a few months.

Might try nuklearD first. Seems to be better in many aspects.

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