On Thursday, 29 November 2018 at 20:55:22 UTC, Daniel Kozak wrote:
Are you sure? Can you show me an example? I always forgot on this limitation and somtimes it cause really nesty things :D

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Reading through the `getopt` documentation at one point it says:

   "Forms such as -t 5 and -timeout=5 will be not accepted."

But I'm able to to use short options like '-t 5' (with spaces between the 't' and the '5'). It seems that this limitation has been eliminated and it just-works-now, is it so?


Hi Daniel!

Try this one :
module tools.trainer;

import std.stdio, std.getopt;

// Main Program //
int main(string[] args) {

  dchar    letter = 'ñ';
  string[] inputFiles;
  string[] cmpFiles;

  arraySep = ",";  // defaults to "", separation by whitespace
  auto helpInformation = getopt(args,
"letter|l", "The char that represent the input images.", &letter, "inputf|i", "The files that represent the image of the same char.", &inputFiles, "cmpf|c", "The files that represent images of other chars to compare with.", &cmpFiles);

  if (helpInformation.helpWanted) {
    defaultGetoptPrinter("Some information about the program.",

  writeln("Letter selected is: ", letter);
  return 0;

trainer -l Y
trainer -lY

Both of them work for me.


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