On Saturday, 8 December 2018 at 16:58:24 UTC, Vladimirs Nordholm wrote:
Is there a best practice to enabling specific parts of a library?

For my terminal library, I put it all in a struct. Then the user gets to choose how to initialize it, and its destructor gets a chance to cleanup when done. The terminal object also contains its methods so you feel like you are getting something out of it by using them.

I know you prefer not to have the user call initializer functions, but I really do think it is the cleanest way to do it.

Alternatively, you could perhaps have it keep an internal is_initialized flag and lazily call init on your other function calls if it is not already done. Then if the user wants to customize settings, they just call init before calling anything else, and if not they skip the init call and it gets default setup first time they try to use it.

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