On Tuesday, 5 March 2019 at 03:48:22 UTC, Mike Parker wrote:
I stopped using WinMain with D a long time ago. It's not necessary. If you always use `main`, then both linkers will provide you with a console subsystem app by default. That's particularly useful during development. You can add a configuration to your dub.json that turns on the windows subsystem for both linkers.

For OPTLINK (x86) you only need to pass to the linker `/SUBSYSTEM:windows`.

For the MS linker (x86_mscoff, x86_64) you need to that and you need to specify that the entry point is `main`, because it will expect `WinMain` when you specify the windows subsystem. You can do that with `/ENTRY:mainCRTStartup`


All of this should be added on dub docs with small snippets and explanation as a section dedicated to Windows and maybe even on D docs as well, because you know, it shows up again and again from time to time.

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