On Friday, 8 March 2019 at 09:24:25 UTC, Vasyl Teliman wrote:
I've tried to use Mallocator in BetterC but it seems it's not available there:


This produces a linker error.

I'm wondering why Mallocator is not available in this mode (it would be intuitive to assume that it's working). Also I would like to know what parts of Phobos are available there (e.g. std.traits, std.typecons...).

Thanks in advance.

Just for reference there's also a few number of tests in Phobos annotated with @betterC. As expected, they are tested with -betterC. However, at the moment this annotated subset is pretty small and not exposed to the documentation. Though it shouldn't be too hard to increase the subset and mark the annotated function in the documentation.

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