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Please attach quick working examples for every sentence you write or it's just a waste of time. People want to see the results and direct actions first before anything else, it's more efficient communication. We are in the subforum of Dlang learn, after all.

Do not write "For Example".

Then you may help people helping you by giving examples of your own use cases, first.

I'm interested in writing a simple game prototype and I imagine that I would like to include some item parts in decimal. (100.00) To keep everything simple I would like to make my code as clean and simple as possible.

From this single example, you don't need "fractal" (decimal or binary) numbers at all, just plain ints. Look up "fixed point arithmetics" on wikipedia, the article is rather good. It's easy and clean in comparison, at least if you only need simple operations. (That's how, by the way, monetary/financial software is or at least used to be implemented.)


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