On Saturday, 1 June 2019 at 07:46:40 UTC, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
For the most part though, you don't declare your own version identifiers. It sometimes makes sense, but usually, version identifiers are used for versioning code based on the platform or architecture that it's compiled on. They're really only intended to be a saner version of #ifdefs, and if you're doing anything fancy with them, you're really not using them as intended and are probably going to have problems.

I use versioning pervasively to make features opt-in/opt-out at compile-time.

Like so, from dub.json:



module foo;


// ...

Is this recommended against? It's a very convenient way of enabling and disabling modules outright, since (by default) dub eagerly compiles everything it sees. I haven't had any problems with it as of yet, at the very least.

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