On Friday, 31 May 2019 at 18:47:06 UTC, Obsidian Jackal wrote:
I'm new to D and want to create GTK+ apps. I have Visual Studio, Glade, the Gtk+ runtime, DMD, and DUB installed. What steps, guides, or advice should I follow to be able to be able to use these tools together to make a sane app?.

I am writing on my cell phone, so cannot address the whole thing. When I started to learn d, I was playing around a boiler plate to imitate something like javafx and it's builder. Here is a meson based project, which creates a gtkd project including a hello world window, a Glade file, its controller class, and an auto calling python script to update controller class after changing the UI. The paths in src/meson.build must be set before building the project creator. I am sorry, I could not find some free time to make it a more generic project builder, but I think it may give you some idea. Again I was a very beginner when I was working on it.

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