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I'm assuming you mean writeln([1].sizeof).
An array literal is a slice of a dynamic array (which is length + pointer, so 2*size_t size). A fixed size array has to be declared as a local / member variable, and then the content is on the stack:

int[10] a;
writeln(a.sizeof); // 40
writeln(a[].sizeof); // 16 on 64-bit or 8 on 32-bit

To get a static array literal, you can use the library function staticArray:
import std.array;
writeln([1, 2, 3].staticArray.sizeof); // 12
Thanks a lot, where is a core.stdcpp.array , How to user it?
I test  but get a error
  auto aa = array!(int, 4); //error

Please don't shorten your code or errors to the point where there's hardly any information left: it's hard to help you if we can't know what you did and what went wrong.

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