I often use a pattern of having const ref struct parameters (as in C++) but this doesn't work in the case of rvalues. The workaround of defining an overload that calls its own name is terrible. I understand there was a DIP 1016 by Manu asking for this case to work. As far as I can tell, this was rejected, but later reconsidered, and now Andrei is starting up a new one[1]? Apologies but I'm not sure where these discussions are centralized. But if anyone has any idea or guess how seriously and in what kind of time this could be expected, that would be my first side question.

My main learning question is whether the const ref parameter pattern is good in D? In C++ I see it everywhere, but are there better alternatives, in particular in D, or is there no point because some copy elision optimization may be guaranteed? In short am I right in writing const ref parameters, or am I doing something silly (and as important as this DIP may otherwise be, it wouldn't affect me as much as I think)??

As far as I can see, this DIP would be helpful for two use cases: const ref, and return ref with method chains. Are there others?
[1] https://forum.dlang.org/post/d90a7424-a986-66f1-e889-a9abd55e0...@erdani.org

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