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> Hi Guys:
>      What is range.iota function full name

iota _is_ its full name. It's named after an STL function which does
basically the same with iterators in C++:


Apparently, C++ got it from the APL programming language, which uses Greek
characters and other symbols that you can't find on most keyboards, which
makes APL code more like what you see in equations in a math textbook, and
APL uses the Greek letter iota for a function with similar behavior to the
C++ and D functions. And since unlike APL, C++ couldn't use the Greek
letter, when they named their version of the function, they used the name of
the letter rather than the letter. And then D's function name was named
after the C++ function. So, iota is the name of the function, and it doesn't
stand for anything. It's just the name of the Greek letter that was used for
a similar function in another language that most programmers these days have
probably never heard of.

- Jonathan M Davis

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