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I've considering learning full D. I remembered that D is not recommended as a first language, So I read time ago.

So my question, is learning C and Python a good intro before learning D?


Both C and Python provide valuable and complementary experience no matter what you want to do. If your goal is specifically to learn D then I'd learn C up to structures. That way you'll have basic tools and vocabulary that you can reuse in D and you can learn the rest as you go.

The things that will be hard if you want to learn D directly:

- not as many examples and tutorials on the internet (although there are some very good ones)

- lots of concepts and vocabulary (always remember that you *don't* have to know every detail of the language, learn what you need to solve the problem at hand, one thing at a time)

- not as many libraries, which means that it can be harder to solve a problem that not many people have had yet (popular things like web applications will be alright)

I think D isn't that bad of a first language. Once you've passed the vocabulary barrier you'll get the benefit of having a language that'll fit most of your tasks from little scripting or web applications to low-level programming and big projects. You will be confronted to many concepts and ideas without having to learn a new language each time and this knowledge is useful even if you decide to use another language later on.
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