Thank you all for your responses. I understand that the compiler
can't ensure @safe and @trusted is needed.. I'm not familiar though with all aspects of D and thought I might have missed something.

On Friday, 12 July 2019 at 01:24:06 UTC, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
BTW, if you're implementing memcmp, why are you using byte instead of ubyte? byte is signed. Unless you're explicitly trying to do arithmetic on integral values from -127 to 127, odds are, you shouldn't be using byte. If you're doing something like breaking an integer into its 8-bit parts, then ubyte is what's appropriate, not byte.

I usually start with the signed version and if in the end there's no need for the signed, I make it unsigned. In this case, at the moment there's no actual need for `byte`. Actually, it only makes difficult to use some GDC intrinsics.

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